If you’re a sparky in need of parts for a job or a casual homeowner who likes to DIY their at-home renovations, then you want the best quality products from the best electrical supply stores in the industry. Indeed, you’re better off going to a specialist provider, since they are more likely to have a more specialised and comprehensive range of products on offer.

Here are some of the most useful, practical product categories you can get from electrical supply stores. Going straight to the distributor will also save you heaps of money (with no retail margin), and even more, if you purchase in bulk.


Light switches and power points

One of the most common and much-needed items are light switches. Going straight to the distributor will ensure that you get some incredible discounts on products that would usually be more expensive at commercial retailers. Whether it be single, double or trip gang switches, blank plates, or power points (singles and doubles), the best electrical supply stores will have everything you need. If you need weatherproof switches or isolators (for outdoor use), then going to a specialist makes perfect sense!


Smoke alarms

You want to ascertain that your home is protected against fire hazards, and smoke detectors are crucial in preventing a potential fire turning into a full-blown blaze. These smoke alarms need to be checked regularly to ensure they aren’t defective. If you need alarms that detect carbon monoxide, then your best bet is to head to specialist electrical supply stores because they’ll have a much better range, more competitive prices and have the expertise to help you make the right call. Whatever your needs might be, make sure your provider is well respected and highly regarded in the industry before making an expensive purchase.



An electric switchboard is a component that directs voltage from at one source of power to several smaller regions. It is compiled of several panels, each of which is filled with switches that allow for energy to be redirected. For large scale industrial firms, like manufacturing developments, switchboards are critical. Make sure you purchase one from a reputable provider or one of the best electrical supply stores in your area.


Wiring accessories

Wiring accessories are critical for maintaining the safety of your wiring and circuitry. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money either to enhance the security of your system. All you’ll need are things like cable ties, resin, tubing, PVC tape and other mechanisms used to proof terminals and minimise the occurrence of other electrical faults (from water damage).



The best electrical supply stores will have the most expansive range of cables on offer. You’ll also be able to purchase the line in bulk (like up to 100m worth of insulated cable) at one time, which is preferable for tradies and other carpenters, many of whom will be going through a lot of cable during their daily activities. There are heaps of different types of cables available as well, so make sure you do your research before putting an order through one of your local electrical supply stores.


Doorbells and chimes

If you want to reinstall a different doorbell or chime, then you should check out what your local electrical supply stores have on offer. Anything from wireless doorbells to audio and video intercoms are available through most outlets, so evaluate what exactly you’re looking for before starting your research. Do you need a video intercom for security or protection, or will a simple doorbell suffice? If you’re unsure about installation, reach out to a trusted tradie, and they’ll sort it out for you!