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How You Can Relax With a Day Spa in The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney This Weekend

By |November 28th, 2018|Categories: Lifestyle|

If you have received a gift certificate or have been asked to join some friends for a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, you might have some reservations, concerns or questions to ponder.

If you have not had the fortune of being looked after at one of these facilities, then you might not understand what happens with a general massage, a facial, a pedicure or manicure for that matter.

There are etiquettes and practices that should be understood, but the idea of attending one of these outlets is to ensure that you enjoy yourself first and foremost.

In that spirit, there are some tips and techniques you can utilise that will see you maximise your visit without being bogged down in unnecessary details or mishaps.

If you can adhere to the protocols of the service provider, then there are plenty of options at your leisure as you let the therapists on hand wash all your worries away, lower the stress levels and place you in an environment of complete relaxation.

So how do you reach that point at a day spa exactly? Let us offer you some key pointers.


Book Early

For a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the ending to the week and the weekend are peek periods. From Bondi to Randwick, Rushcutters Bay, Bronte, Tamarama, Double Bay, Point Piper, Woollahra and Bellevue Hill, this Thursday to Sunday window is considered peek traffic for consumers entering the day spa doors. To ensure that you won’t be ignored or lost amid of a string of other faces on the day, make a booking for number of weeks in advance.

Should you have a gift card certificate that is valid for 12 months, still put some time aside to make an appointment 3-4 weeks prior to coming in. That will give the spa enough time to prep and for you to find out some more information about what happens on the day.


Be Honest About Experience and Expectations

A day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney should allow you to feel comfort from the moment you walk through the door to the moment that you leave. In order to obtain that pleasant experience, it is worthwhile explaining to the staff on hand whether or not you understand the general etiquette for these environments or not. They might happen to ask you questions during the day, but be honest about what you want from the treatments, where you need to prepare, where you need to get changed and whether or not there are any time constraints. The less time you stress about the asking questions, the more time you have to enjoy the pampering.


Examine Every Service on Offer

There will be a series of services that will be offered by a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Consider a back massage, a facial, a pedicure, a manicure – each one of these over 18 services can allow you to immerse yourself in a state of complete relaxation. The pricing will also fluctuate and if you enquire, you might be able to source a packaged deal that can offer all of these treatments at one bulked price.


Utilise Other Facilities

A day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is far more than just the pampering side of business. Given the availability of swimming pools, steam rooms, gyms, dining rooms and children’s play areas, there is plenty to see and do with the luxury resorts that provide you with a day spa experience. To ensure that you can relax prior to your booking and get the most value at the end of the experience, why not make an entire day out of it?



Booking for a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is the exact opposite of feeling stress and concern. By doing a bit of homework and having the confidence to ask a few questions, you can really maximise your value at these locations.

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How To Work Hard Without Burning Out

By |November 23rd, 2018|Categories: Work Hard|

Hectic schedules, nearing deadlines, work pressure – this is the typical scenario in workplaces these days. And with this kind of tensed atmosphere, you often tend to burn out, i.e., you reach a point of frustration, with the irritability and anger clearly visible. So how do you prevent this from happening? What steps should you take to ensure you work hard but don’t burn out? Let’s have a look:


Know what to give importance and what to keep at the backseat. This is the only way you can meet those deadlines without any chaos. Setting your goals straight will help you know how much time and effort is required for a given task. Assigning time to every job works – you suddenly find yourself with free time after your work is done!



hard work

To keep your body and mind away from lethargy, you have to devote 30-45 minutes from your everyday schedule to physical activity. It may be anything you like – running, jogging, swimming, walking, Yoga – just pick something and get started off! You’ll love how fresh you feel when you arrive at the office with an active body and an equally activated mind!


Set deadlines:
You won’t work after this time. You won’t check your emails after this time. – These are deadlines which you have to set for yourself. By doing this, you will have plenty of time in hand to devote to yourself, your family or friends – who are, of course, you’re biggest stress busters!


Stick to a schedule:


Fix your time to wake up, to exercise, to have breakfast et al. You can include so many things in a schedule that you will end up admiring the amount of time you have left to help you de-stress. Sticking to schedules is a task, but once you get used to it, you’re in for a pleasant life!


Take breaks, rest:
Your mind and body require rest too. You aren’t a robot to go on without stopping for a while. When you feel that terrible headache creeping up, take a 10-minute power nap. You will instantly feel better and revived. Know when to put a comma and a full stop!


Take leaves:
After you have worked your ass off for that complicated project, you deserve a break – so take that much-needed break! It’s a way of rewarding yourself, so take a few days off from work and just drive away to some calm place (or do whatever you like to). Keep electronic devices away from you and just bask in your mini-vacation glory!

Light yourself, don’t burn out!

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Must Visit Monuments In The World

By |November 14th, 2018|Categories: Monuments|

While on a travel spree, why restrict yourself to visiting only the Seven Wonders of the World, when tonnes of these stunning landmarks across the globe? If you actually dig deeper, you will know that these monuments are just as remarkable enough, it’s just that they didn’t make it to the Seven Wonders of the World! Wondering which are these monuments? Let’s take you through!


Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia:

The unique structure of his temple is a treat to the eye, especially when it is set against the background of the sky. The changing colors of the sky from dusk to dawn bring out different facets of this temple, making it seem different every time. It is also the largest Buddhist temples in the world – so if you’re love exploring temples and their intricate architectures, this one has to be on your list!


St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican:
Your visit to Rome isn’t complete if you haven’t visited this architectural marvel. It is a marvellous amalgamation of various artists making it even more special right from Michelangelo to Bernini, there’s a piece of every artist, which completes the beautiful mosaic of the entire cathedral. And just in case you’re wondering how it could be so stunning, just remember that the top five, best architects of Italy were the ones who created the design of this Cathedral!

architectural marvel


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
It’s not called ‘Grand’ for no reason! The splendor and grandeur of this mosque is something that will keep you gaping for a long time! Spread across 180,000 square feet, this mosque boasts of the world’s largest mosaic, and of course, it’s 350 ft tall minarets, which can be visible from each of the bridges in Abu Dhabi!


Temple Mount, Jerusalem:
The Ark of the Covenant, the box with magical powers is buried under this place – so goes the legend! So if you’re curious to know, you have to visit it!  The huge golden dome, the intricate designs on the walls – they’re all so carefully crafted, so as to do justice to what the Temple Mount is protecting – The Ark of the Covenant!


Machu Pichu, Peru:
Nestled in the Andes mountain ranges, this lost and then discovered the city of Peru is worth a watch! And the visit here is going to be more adventurous, so backpackers, hikers, trekkers – this place is something you’d love to explore! It has been placed as one of the most exciting locations for adventure seekers, so give it a go! Plan carefully and venture into this territory where there was once, a thriving civilization!

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Ways To Teach Your Kids To Save Money

By |October 30th, 2018|Categories: Save Money|

Childhood is the right time to teach kids the value of money and the virtue of saving. It’s the age when they listen, understand and absorb what is being told to them or being shown to them – so make use of this golden period. You sure don’t want your kids to grow up to be spendthrifts and those not valuing money. So start right away. Here are a few ways which you can use to inculcate the habit of saving in your kids. Read on:


Talk openly:

You need not keep the financial aspects of your home hidden from the kids just because they’re too young to understand. Making kids sensitive towards money issues is just as important as making them sensitive to other issues. They may not understand everything you say, no matter how much you simplify it, but still, sharing these lessons helps, especially in the longer run.


Pay them:
For all the little tasks they do, make sure you pay your kid some allowance amount. This way, they will have their own money and will know that they had to work to earn it. You can allow them to use the money as they wish to, with the condition that they will save a part of it too.


Be what you’d love them to be:
Kids imitate every action of their parent – so if you want to get them to do something, you would have to begin doing it first! Sometimes mere explaining doesn’t help – so let them watch and learn their lessons. That’s the best you can do to convince them!


Piggy banks:

Get the most innovative version of this or a simple one – that doesn’t matter! The fact that your kid will be gleefully watching his saved pennies slipping into the piggy band slot is a delight. And you know you’re kid is learning his lessons too! Encourage your child to drop all the money he has saved into the piggy bank until there is no room in it.


Saving jars:
Apart from a piggy bank, you can also have savings jar. For example, your kid wants the newest, updated version of any of his favorite toy, don’t give it right away! Give them a transparent penny jar and ask them to contribute a part of their savings towards this jar, so that they themselves can buy what they wish to with the money they’ve saved.

Hope these tips help!

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Fun Tasks To Liven Up Family Get Together

By |October 11th, 2018|Categories: Family Get Together|

Family get-togethers can be fun-filled, full of laughter with every member leaving with a tonne of precious memories. But you should know how to make these get-togethers fun. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some gossip, some food – that’s it! Know how to add the essential spice to your family get-togethers by including these fun activities:


Karaoke night
Who says you need a crowd to karaoke? Your family, immediate and extended is enough to liven up a karaoke night! You can get a small karaoke player and set the stage with instrumental versions of all your favorite family songs! The trick is – don’t reveal the lyrics, let whoever sing however they want to- that will add to the chaos and madness! Watch your loved ones break into impromptu dances and get totally engrossed in fun!


Movie night
Set a movie date with your family and watch back to back comedies, romcoms or family favorites. Load up with pizzas and popcorn so that you’re sorted for the night! The fun that everyone will have – interrupting dialogues, singing songs, passing comments while chomping on the junk food is something everyone will remember and make sure you organize more such movie nights even later!


Backyard camping
If you have a huge backyard, why not set up camp out there? Especially when all the family members don’t have the time to make it to an out-of-town camping spot, why not make use of your backyard to set up your tents and have fun right there? You can even have your campfire with the tents surrounding it! Cook your meals out in the open and have the time of your lives!



Costume night
Why wait for Halloween to dress up when you can do it any time of the year? Come up with a theme, post it on your family Whatsapp group and watch the hilarious ways everyone dresses up! It’s fun, and you can even announce prizes for the best (or funniest!) costume!


Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are super cool to play –especially when you have a huge group along! You can team up members in a way that no member is immediately related to the other – watch the madness ensure form this point itself! And then set up a nice treasure hunt! A fun activity that can be enjoyed by all members!
Have fun – make memories!

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How Technology Is Crippling Us

By |September 23rd, 2018|Categories: Technology Crippling|

Whenever we hear of some innovation, discovery – we’re all excited about it. We feel good, knowing that this has been developed to make our lives more comfortable than they already are. And it’s true too; every innovation has come in to resolve some aspect of our life which posed itself as a difficulty in front of us. Knowing that technology has its own boons, pros, advantages and all the other positive words that fit in here, have we bothered to see what technology has done to us? The cynical part of it? No, because until our lives are made more accessible, we have nothing to worry about – even if it means an invasion of privacy or dampening our intellectual capacity or harming us physically – we voluntarily don’t want to get into the negatives of technological developments, because we know to what extent it has intruded in our lives.



There’s no turning back for us now; we’ve already got the taste of life made easy with technology. But it’s heartening to see that though very few, but people are realizing what exposure to social media, apps, unnecessary electronic goods is doing to us. We have no time to talk face to face to people; We have no energy to pick our eyes glued to those screens and look at the nature around us.

We have no time for our family, for our friends. We’re ready to become obese or put on unhealthy weight yet we’ll rely on machines and equipment to do our daily chores for us. We don’t think creatively anymore- we have even creativity spoon fed to us.


If we look back – all the years before the dawn of technology, human life was like it should be – full of life, emotions. That generation was super healthy – they probably got their first spectacles when they crossed 55 years of age. They were healthy – because they did their tasks by themselves and did not rely on machines to do so.

It’s disheartening to see the young and little kids getting addicted and used to all kind of technologies around them. I often wonder, if this is the future generation, I seriously don’t know where we’re heading to.

Attempting to revert to nature, to the place where we belong to them is the urgent need of the hour. We need to cut down our screen time, look beyond – connect with each other and nature. And there’s no better time to do this than today…

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