Many smokers have various ways to get their THC or CBD fix. While most smokers get their hits from blunts, joints, wax, edibles, and vapes, the bong remains undefeated. Bongs date back to medieval times, and still, they are the ideal options that provide an excellent smoking experience. Besides, it is safe to say that smoking from a bong is safer and cleaner compared to other methods.

The bong, also known as a water pipe continues to be a favorite among spontaneous and regular smokers alike. It doesn’t end there. The glass bong comes in plenty of different designs to suit various preferences. This article outlines the various types of bongs online to help you choose better.

How to Choose Bongs Online

Once in a while, you would want to shake things up a little bit by taking your smoking experience a notch higher. You will find plenty of paraphernalia on sale, but nothing beats the smooth hit you achieve from smoking through a bong. Not only are they easy to use, bongs online provide healthier hits while maintaining attractive aesthetics.

Straight Tube Bong

woman using a bong bought online

When looking for bongs online without specifying much, the straight tube one appears among the first results. It is because it is the most basic type available. The bong presents a minimalist design and is easy to use. So, if you are a beginner at smoking with a bong, a straight tube one will do you some good.

The best thing about this design is it presents a sleek and timeless appearance that never goes out of style. The smoke passes through a submerged downstem for filtration to provide cool and healthy hits. It is easy to clean and clears faster than other types to give you a massive hit.

Beaker Bongs

Like the straight tube pipe, beaker bongs are popular options. As the name suggests, a beaker bong looks exactly like the beakers found in laboratories. This gives it a geeky appearance. It has a conical flask shape and provides plenty of advantages to the smoker.

If you are looking for bongs online for daily use, go for the beaker bong. Thanks to its heavy and wide bottom, the pipe offers excellent stability. Since the base is broad, it produces massive clouds.

Zig Zag (Zong)

Are you looking to add some pizzazz to your smoking experience? If yes, then the zig-zag bong is your perfect choice. Among many bongs online, the zig-zag type presents a unique appearance that attracts many smokers. It features one or plenty of curves in its design, providing a few advantages to the smoker.

From the appearance to the size, zig-zag bongs provide an excellent smoking experience. The shape acts as a splash guard, which prevents water from rising through the chamber and straight into your mouth. Therefore, this type provides an enjoyable smoking experience all the time.

Round Base

These bongs online appear as round, attractive little apparatus that takes the smoking experience to the next level. They have a spherical base, meaning they are less stable, making them slightly challenging to handle. However, they provide massive clouds and an excellent experience for pro smokers.


Also called a bubble, a percolator is excellent at filtering smoke. It comes in various shapes and sizes and consists of two percolators. As smoke passes through many slits in the percolators, it gets diffused. Doing this ensures the smoke cools faster for a better experience. Percolator bongs online look good as the smoke builds up inside.

Recycler Bongs

If you are looking for bongs online to provide super smooth hits, the receiver bong is an excellent choice. These water pipes have a complex appearance that is always a conversation starter. They have multiple chambers to filter the smoke many times.

Fabergé Egg Pipes

This type of bong is named after the Russian jeweled eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé. It has a shape similar to an egg’s that allows effervesces to spread out, delivering a splendid and smooth hit.