Clients will cover a lot of ground when they hire family lawyers in Sydney to represent their interests.

These practices understand that time is money and participants in these cases need to find a swift resolution.

Appointments are scheduled ahead of time, ensuring 100% clarity from the specialist to the client at all phases of the case.

Before you hire family lawyers in Sydney or making assumptions about their priorities, it is a worthwhile exercise to read about the key topics of conversation that will be covered.


Mental & Emotional Condition of the Client

The very first topic of conversation with family lawyers in Sydney will be simple: how are they? The mental and emotional fragility for people in these circumstances can be difficult to manage, creating a degree of stress, panic, depression and despair about the separation. While there is an important human component here to offer empathetic support, their mental and emotional state is also important from a legal standpoint. Are they fit to make decisions that are carefully considered? Do they feel pressure from their ex-partner? Are they able to process new information or adapt to change? These are important frameworks to cover.


State of the Family

Family lawyers in Sydney need to be across all of the facts with their clients. From the nature of the separation to the involvement of children, the type of work commitments, the involvement of other family members, living arrangements, payments between spouses and beyond – it all has to be covered. This will allow the firm to lay the first building blocks for the case, detailing the division of assets and liabilities while placing the needs of the children at the top of the priority list.



The financial component is always a key subject that has to be covered early in the piece with family lawyers in Sydney. From the amount that they can budget for representation to the type of flexible arrangements that can be sourced, the client will need peace of mind on this very subject. The good news is that Sydney firms have different approaches depending on the practice, allowing adjustable rates and financial commitments to be engaged depending on the circumstance.


Commitments & Scheduling

There will be a bit of back and forth when it comes to the ensuing steps for clients and family lawyers in Sydney. While the initial talks can be fruitful, participants need to know what is required of them and what they can expect from their representative and their team. From the booking of mediation sessions to court hearings or the need to file lodgments and applications, solicitors will walk through the practical steps one by one. Establishing that timetable will give clarity for the individual.


Desired Outcomes

If there is a willingness to come to the table in good faith, then family lawyers in Sydney are able to outline a process for mediation. This is a space that allows both parties to take control of the situation and find creative solutions that help both sides of the aisle. In the event that the client is not willing to go down this path, then they will look to file for litigation, taking the matter through the courts where outcomes will be more definitive.


These five subjects are just the starting point for clients who are working with family lawyers in Sydney. Questions, enquiries and feedback are encouraged in these spaces. By focusing on these specific measures, individuals will have their bases covered before they can expand on other subjects that are valuable to address.