I think it is fair to say that we have all heard about how bad an office job can be for your body, mainly attributed to sitting for hours every single day without using much of our body. There have been numerous scientific studies that suggest the more that we sit without moving at a computer desk, the more damage we are causing to our bodies. Sitting a lot every single day can lead to increased risks of diabetes, heart disease, and early death. It can also lead to poor muscle and joint use which can result in issues down the line for your body.

This is obviously a widespread problem, as office workers around the world sit at their computer desk for hours. A popular item called the standing computer desk has become much more popular in many online furniture shops, as it changes the default from sitting to standing. This can provide many benefits to the office worker and makes them overall healthier while in the workplace.

Here are some of the benefits of using a standing computer desk.


What is a standing computer desk?

A standing computer desk is a table that allows you to stand up while you are working, like a normal office table but instead of sitting at it, you are standing.
There are many versions of this available, and you are able to adjust the height of the table to a comfortable level respective to your height. It appears that it can provide many benefits to the health of the user, and may even increase productivity. For the moment, it is known that it is able to minimize the negative effects of sitting at an office table all day long.


It decreases your risk of weight gain and obesity

Gaining weight is a common problem for most of the population, and is caused by having a caloric intake higher than what you are burning. By sitting at a computer desk all day, you are simply not doing enough movement or exercise to be burning enough calories while simultaneously eating a lot of food.
This obviously leads to weight gain and you commonly will see overweight office workers everywhere. By using a standing computer desk, you burn more calories standing rather than sitting. An equal amount of time standing and sitting burns 170 calories more. This can add up every day a week and end up burning over 1000 more calories per week. This in turn decreases your risk of obesity and metabolic disease.


It can lower your risk of heart disease

Sitting at a computer desk all day can increase your risk of heart disease in comparison to standing. Studies have revealed that sitting sedentary at a table for hours every day can lead to a 147% increased risk of heart disease.

This is because you are not activating your heart and cardiovascular system enough during the day by sitting down all the time. Your body is not being used for what is made for, and the result of this is an increased risk of heart disease due to low use. It can be so bad that office workers may not be able to reduce this risk even with an hour of intensive exercise afterwards.

A standing computer desk is a good choice for your heart health.


In summary, a standing computer desk can provide various benefits to the user including a decrease in weight gain and obesity and a decreased risk of heart disease. These are serious issues which plague our population and therefore should be taken seriously.