While on a travel spree, why restrict yourself to visiting only the Seven Wonders of the World, when tonnes of these stunning landmarks across the globe? If you actually dig deeper, you will know that these monuments are just as remarkable enough, it’s just that they didn’t make it to the Seven Wonders of the World! Wondering which are these monuments? Let’s take you through!


Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia:

The unique structure of his temple is a treat to the eye, especially when it is set against the background of the sky. The changing colors of the sky from dusk to dawn bring out different facets of this temple, making it seem different every time. It is also the largest Buddhist temples in the world – so if you’re love exploring temples and their intricate architectures, this one has to be on your list!


St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican:
Your visit to Rome isn’t complete if you haven’t visited this architectural marvel. It is a marvellous amalgamation of various artists making it even more special right from Michelangelo to Bernini, there’s a piece of every artist, which completes the beautiful mosaic of the entire cathedral. And just in case you’re wondering how it could be so stunning, just remember that the top five, best architects of Italy were the ones who created the design of this Cathedral!

architectural marvel


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
It’s not called ‘Grand’ for no reason! The splendor and grandeur of this mosque is something that will keep you gaping for a long time! Spread across 180,000 square feet, this mosque boasts of the world’s largest mosaic, and of course, it’s 350 ft tall minarets, which can be visible from each of the bridges in Abu Dhabi!


Temple Mount, Jerusalem:
The Ark of the Covenant, the box with magical powers is buried under this place – so goes the legend! So if you’re curious to know, you have to visit it!  The huge golden dome, the intricate designs on the walls – they’re all so carefully crafted, so as to do justice to what the Temple Mount is protecting – The Ark of the Covenant!


Machu Pichu, Peru:
Nestled in the Andes mountain ranges, this lost and then discovered the city of Peru is worth a watch! And the visit here is going to be more adventurous, so backpackers, hikers, trekkers – this place is something you’d love to explore! It has been placed as one of the most exciting locations for adventure seekers, so give it a go! Plan carefully and venture into this territory where there was once, a thriving civilization!