Hectic schedules, nearing deadlines, work pressure – this is the typical scenario in workplaces these days. And with this kind of tensed atmosphere, you often tend to burn out, i.e., you reach a point of frustration, with the irritability and anger clearly visible. So how do you prevent this from happening? What steps should you take to ensure you work hard but don’t burn out? Let’s have a look:


Know what to give importance and what to keep at the backseat. This is the only way you can meet those deadlines without any chaos. Setting your goals straight will help you know how much time and effort is required for a given task. Assigning time to every job works – you suddenly find yourself with free time after your work is done!



hard work

To keep your body and mind away from lethargy, you have to devote 30-45 minutes from your everyday schedule to physical activity. It may be anything you like – running, jogging, swimming, walking, Yoga – just pick something and get started off! You’ll love how fresh you feel when you arrive at the office with an active body and an equally activated mind!


Set deadlines:
You won’t work after this time. You won’t check your emails after this time. – These are deadlines which you have to set for yourself. By doing this, you will have plenty of time in hand to devote to yourself, your family or friends – who are, of course, you’re biggest stress busters!


Stick to a schedule:


Fix your time to wake up, to exercise, to have breakfast et al. You can include so many things in a schedule that you will end up admiring the amount of time you have left to help you de-stress. Sticking to schedules is a task, but once you get used to it, you’re in for a pleasant life!


Take breaks, rest:
Your mind and body require rest too. You aren’t a robot to go on without stopping for a while. When you feel that terrible headache creeping up, take a 10-minute power nap. You will instantly feel better and revived. Know when to put a comma and a full stop!


Take leaves:
After you have worked your ass off for that complicated project, you deserve a break – so take that much-needed break! It’s a way of rewarding yourself, so take a few days off from work and just drive away to some calm place (or do whatever you like to). Keep electronic devices away from you and just bask in your mini-vacation glory!

Light yourself, don’t burn out!