Whenever we hear of some innovation, discovery – we’re all excited about it. We feel good, knowing that this has been developed to make our lives more comfortable than they already are. And it’s true too; every innovation has come in to resolve some aspect of our life which posed itself as a difficulty in front of us. Knowing that technology has its own boons, pros, advantages and all the other positive words that fit in here, have we bothered to see what technology has done to us? The cynical part of it? No, because until our lives are made more accessible, we have nothing to worry about – even if it means an invasion of privacy or dampening our intellectual capacity or harming us physically – we voluntarily don’t want to get into the negatives of technological developments, because we know to what extent it has intruded in our lives.



There’s no turning back for us now; we’ve already got the taste of life made easy with technology. But it’s heartening to see that though very few, but people are realizing what exposure to social media, apps, unnecessary electronic goods is doing to us. We have no time to talk face to face to people; We have no energy to pick our eyes glued to those screens and look at the nature around us.

We have no time for our family, for our friends. We’re ready to become obese or put on unhealthy weight yet we’ll rely on machines and equipment to do our daily chores for us. We don’t think creatively anymore- we have even creativity spoon fed to us.


If we look back – all the years before the dawn of technology, human life was like it should be – full of life, emotions. That generation was super healthy – they probably got their first spectacles when they crossed 55 years of age. They were healthy – because they did their tasks by themselves and did not rely on machines to do so.

It’s disheartening to see the young and little kids getting addicted and used to all kind of technologies around them. I often wonder, if this is the future generation, I seriously don’t know where we’re heading to.

Attempting to revert to nature, to the place where we belong to them is the urgent need of the hour. We need to cut down our screen time, look beyond – connect with each other and nature. And there’s no better time to do this than today…