Everyone can do their part when it comes to engaging to workplace flu shots.

These programs are regularly rolled out around April to May time just before the strain of influenza spreads from one workplace to the next.

Healthy commercial cultures will take proactive steps to protecting their employees, but it does require each and every professional to do their due diligence as well.


Ensuring Employer Has Medical History Access

Every employee will engage with workplace flu shots on their own level as they will have their own unique medical history and requirements. If there is any concern about an ailment that could become severe in the event of a vaccination, then the individual needs to ensure this information is provided to the medical program operator. Should their medical history showcase any potential concerns about the procedure, then alternative measures can be found if they believe they could be at risk.


Being Present For Vaccine

The best step that any individual employee can take to engage workplace flu shots is simply being present for the program. This is a process that saves Australian enterprises big on their bottom line, with over $2 billion in revenue lost due to the onset of the flu across the country annually. Trying to organise a vaccine outside of work can create complications when they have already booked in through the process on site and having everyone available on the day is a key element to ensuring the program is indeed a success.


Ask Nurse Any Necessary Questions

An open and transparent dialogue between the nurse and the participant is encouraged during workplace flu shots. If there are questions, feedback, reservations or anything that is on the mind of the individual in question, they are welcome to relay that information to the practitioner to ensure they are comfortable and at ease during the process. The nurse will be mindful about those who have doubts or anxieties and will have a series of different approaches to alleviating those concerns during the injection.


Be Prepared For Short Observation Stay

The procedure with workplace flu shots is to instigate the injections to protect participants against harmful strains of influenza. They will take a couple of days before taking full effect, but it will still require a few minutes of time for observation before individuals are free to resume their normal duties. It is a precautionary step that is universal for all patients, but this is time that can be organised as participants use smart devices or books to help pass the time.


No Need To Be Stressed or Panicked

Given the short turnaround and the relatively pain-free experience for modern workplace flu shots, participants can relax and feel comfortable about the program. These operators are trained and tested under all circumstances and will be able to instigate the process without placing a burden on the employees. The calmer the participant during the injection, the quicker the program can be executed for all parties. Once this procedure has been carried out, it will be easier for individuals to engage with nurses and receive their injections on an annual basis. Their success rates are extremely high and the benefits of being immunised against harmful strains of influenza far outweigh the risk of incurring an illness.


Once an employer has decided to go ahead and book workplace flu shots, individual employees need to do their part. It is a slight imposition on the day, but it will help participants to keep them healthy and protected. Amid all of the coughing, sneezing, sleeplessness and fatigue that is experienced by ill citizens, preparing for an immunisation program is a straightforward and necessary exercise.