Family get-togethers can be fun-filled, full of laughter with every member leaving with a tonne of precious memories. But you should know how to make these get-togethers fun. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some gossip, some food – that’s it! Know how to add the essential spice to your family get-togethers by including these fun activities:


Karaoke night
Who says you need a crowd to karaoke? Your family, immediate and extended is enough to liven up a karaoke night! You can get a small karaoke player and set the stage with instrumental versions of all your favorite family songs! The trick is – don’t reveal the lyrics, let whoever sing however they want to- that will add to the chaos and madness! Watch your loved ones break into impromptu dances and get totally engrossed in fun!


Movie night
Set a movie date with your family and watch back to back comedies, romcoms or family favorites. Load up with pizzas and popcorn so that you’re sorted for the night! The fun that everyone will have – interrupting dialogues, singing songs, passing comments while chomping on the junk food is something everyone will remember and make sure you organize more such movie nights even later!


Backyard camping
If you have a huge backyard, why not set up camp out there? Especially when all the family members don’t have the time to make it to an out-of-town camping spot, why not make use of your backyard to set up your tents and have fun right there? You can even have your campfire with the tents surrounding it! Cook your meals out in the open and have the time of your lives!



Costume night
Why wait for Halloween to dress up when you can do it any time of the year? Come up with a theme, post it on your family Whatsapp group and watch the hilarious ways everyone dresses up! It’s fun, and you can even announce prizes for the best (or funniest!) costume!


Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are super cool to play –especially when you have a huge group along! You can team up members in a way that no member is immediately related to the other – watch the madness ensure form this point itself! And then set up a nice treasure hunt! A fun activity that can be enjoyed by all members!
Have fun – make memories!