Like every other merchandise, smoking products have also been promoted to the virtual realm. You can buy everything from cigarettes to vaping devices, to bongs and hookahs online now, from the comfort of your own homes. However, many people are reluctant to buy products from online smoke shops due to fear of privacy breaches or being overcharged, or being delivered a faulty product.  Most of these fears are unfounded assumptions. Let us go over three issues people face while buying from an online smoke shop and debunk them.

  • Online shops are more expensive
    Since setting up a business online eliminates the initial investment for a physical location, the businesses can sell the same products as local in-person stores at a lower rate. They do not have to pay for the store rent and other charges that come with owning a physical store, and thus this factor results in cheaper products for the consumer. Moreover, because of the smaller early investment to start a shop, there is increased competition. Multiple shops are operating on the same platform, Amazon or Instagram, etc, and require a unique selling point to attract and retain customers. Oftentimes, that unique selling point is decreased prices for the customers! There are also greater chances of being aware of ongoing discounts on an online store while ending up reducing the cost for the customer furthermore. Hence, the fear that online smoke shops sell expensive products is baseless.
  • Concern with privacy
    When buying at a physical location, you can employ multiple methods for discretion. However, because products from online smoke shops are delivered, there is a fear for the privacy of the customer. Most people do not want to make known to their family what they have bought online especially if it is a smoking product.
    There are many ways an online store can and should ensure discretion and protect the customer’s privacy. Almost all smoke stores offer the option of discreet shipping. The product is wrapped in a way that it is not possible to judge its content from the outside. This takes away the concern that your neighbor or family will find out what you bought. As for concerns about data privacy, all online stores take extra measures to ensure that your information such as your credit card info is not leaked. Many simply require the last four digits of your card for their database and the rest is not saved in any way. This should allay any fears about identity theft.
  • Buying face to face allows for a more informed purchase
    In a physical location, the process of the purchase goes like this: you go to the counter, look around, ask the salesperson about the product details, choose from the limited information that person provides you and buy the product.
    In an online smoke shop, the process looks vastly different. You go to the website or page of the shop, and find the product of your interest. It is available with a list of specifications, reviews of previous customers, price lists, alternative options, return policies, and even blogs for your convenience. There are chat boxes available to ask the shop about any questions you might have about the product as well. It does not take a genius to determine which is a more informed purchase. Clearly, shopping online is less stressful, hassle-free, and more informed than shopping in a physical store.

It must be remembered that online shops depend on customer satisfaction for a continued business just as physical shops do. However, unlike physical shops, they do not have a shop front to market their product and one bad review from a customer can spread like fire. In case of faulty or unethical conduct, the online platform can also kick them off. These accountability parameters ensure a safe buying experience for the customers. The next time you want a bong or a vape, don’t hesitate to buy online.