Have you ever wanted to try your hand at investing in stocks – Where do you start?

There are many ways to get into online share trading, and now with the advanced capabilities of digital technologies, buying and selling stocks has never been so simple.

With a click of the download button, you can easily start investing in stocks through different apps, that is visible directly on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, which enables you to keep an eye on your shares and investment portfolio.

Getting to Know the Australian Stock Market in Real-Time

The Australian stock market can now be monitored, anywhere and anytime – With an App.

Based in Sydney, The Australian Securities Exchange, also known as ASX. Listed as the top fifth in capital markets by the World Economic Forum. Making ASX one of the leading financial market exchange companies in the world.

The ASX types of trade include bonds, funds management, equity and foreign exchange market and financial development.

With two trading platforms available, ASX Trade is used for trading equity securities within the ASX, and ASX Trade24 is a 24-hour trading platform that is distributed globally.

Australian Securities Exchange Limited has a free app called “ASX”, which is user-friendly and available for iPhone mobile phones and Mac computers. For users on the Android platform, an app is also available for free called “My ASX”, to manage and maintain shares in Australian Stock Market.

The app allows you to stay updated on-the-go, share prices, and view the performance of your investment portfolio by monitoring real-time on the Australian stock market.

Learning How to use a Stocks App for a Beginner

Once you have successfully installed a stocks app onto your device, the next step is to create a trading account to start investing and buying shares in the Australian stock exchange.

As a beginner to the stock market world, you will want to look at buying some shares, which are sometimes also referred to as stocks, securities, or equities.

Once you purchase shares, this basically buys you into the company as part ownership. This allows you the right to vote on certain company decisions, such as management, and by dividends and distribution, you will receive a portion of the company profits.

It is important to get to know the stock exchange companies with ASX, make sure to research company financial data and statistics.

Keep in mind, that the Australian Securities Exchange includes more than 2,000 companies to look over, with a market capital of over AUD $2 trillion dollars.

View and manage company dividends, graph summary portfolio and performance with statistics. Get the latest news, updates, and announcements in real-time. Add companies to your watchlist and monitor your shares in real-time for complete convenience.

Buy and Sell Shares with a Reputable Stocks App

For assistance and information on how to buy and sell shares, the Australian Securities Exchange website provide online seminars and videos, to learn more about the stock market.

Buying the right shares is a big step, it’s not a procedure to rush into. The best chance of success is to take the time to research and keep an eye on the company you are interested in before investing in them.

The capabilities and confidence of a well-known and highly rated stocks app will make the process much easier, as everything you need to know is literally at your fingertips.

Buying and selling shares can create wealth and build a strong stocks portfolio. But diversifying your portfolio can become overwhelming. Help is at hand, with stock exchange tutorials and guided information available online. The smart investor will start small, to test the waters before diving right into the stock market.