With their unique beauty and diversity, Australian opals have started many arguments over the years about their origin. It is one of the most highly regarded gemstones. With its beautiful mix of colors and history, they are seen to be in possession primarily by royalty, jewelers, collectors, and geologists.

With Australia leading with 95% of the world’s source of these gems, Australian opals can be found in the cracks of almost every rock; nevertheless, they are mostly found in sandstones, limonite, and basalt. These rocks have different varieties, each with unique attributes, the commonly mentioned and seen one being the precious type.

These gems are alluring with mysterious myths we are sure you want to know about. They are fascinating; however, have you thought and wanted to learn more about these gems? How are they formed? Myths?

This piece will show a few assumptions people make about them and their contradictory facts.

  • Lore: the gems are exceptionally delicate and break easily.

Facts: Australian opals are definitely more delicate than other gemstones, but they are still not as fragile as they’re thought to be. This gemstone has a consistent hardness as that of glass, so whenever you’re putting it on, imagine it’s a beautiful piece of glass.

To be on the safe side, while still wearing your item, avoid severe common labor or anything where your gem can make contact with a solid surface. With that in mind, anyone can maintain it.

  • Lore: Immersing a gem in rose water will brighten the color.

Australian opal

Facts: Getting your Australian opals wet will make it look nicer, but that’s only for a short while. Going to a professional to polish it is the only way to brighten the already beautiful color of your Australian opals. Rose water has no unique attribute for brightening gems.

  • Lore: These gems are jinxed

Fact: this beautiful gemstone compared to others has the highest amount of stories tied to it. For example, in one myth about its origin, an ancient being landed on earth with a rainbow, and when it got to the ground, all the rocks and stones around the area began shining and turned to gems.

The myth of the gems being bad luck is caused by centuries of disinformation, idolatry, and greedy traders, all spreading rumors. Throughout ages, they have been said to be a piece of good fortune or a lucky amulet valued by many communities.

  • Lore: The gems should be immersed in water frequently to avoid it cracking.

Fact: Australian Opals are non-porous and cannot absorb water or anything else. Putting your gem in water won’t help in prolonging its life. However, if a cracked Australian opal gets in contact with water, the crack will be gone temporarily. This didn’t help in stopping the spread of this particular myth.


There is so much to be learnt about beautiful Australian opals. We hope that in reading this article, you learned something new about these unique gems here today.