We all know that business card printing is nothing new, but its remains a simple and effective means for a small firm to market themselves. Even with all of the digital marketing methods of today, using these small company info reminders is still a relatively viable tactic to get new customers.

Let’s look at 5 benefits of printing business cards.


1.     They are affordable marketing for your company

For any small sized company, budget for marketing is always a common issue. Printing business cards is a highly cost-effective solution as they are only cost a few cents each for you to make and become even cheaper per unit when you make bulk orders.


2.     Versatility

While they are small, these company info reminders can actually carry a great deal of information on them. For example, a coupon or special website address can make it more valuable and make it more likely the recipient will keep it rather than throw it away.

When printing business cards, its important to keep in mind their design and how much information you want to communicate with them. The last thing you want to do is present people with something that’s ugly and overloads them with useless info.

Instead of just a plain link to your homepage, perhaps create a bespoke landing page for those people who found you this way. This will connect with the audience more than if you send them to a generic homepage.

In this way, you can make printing business cards a unique and creative marketing opportunity.


3.     Convenience

business card mock up

When printing business cards you get full control over what they look like and where/to whom they are going to be distributed to. Of course, you also get full control over what content goes on it and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

The item itself is convenient because of its size, meaning its easy to hand to people and for them to quickly tuck into their wallet or their pocket. Many stationary items like binders and journals come with sleeves designed to hold these handy little reminders.

It’s also worth noting that when printing business cards you are also able to ask around your community to see if there is anywhere you can leave a small stack for people to take from. If you are polite and reasonable, most places like coffee shops and libraries should be happy to help you.


4.     They can be exposed anytime, anyplace for any period

Another great benefit of printing business cards is that they are a piece of marketing that exists physically but aren’t stuck in one place like a billboard. In fact, this type of marketing is meant to be carried with the audience for them to refer to when they need a product or service you are offering.

This means that investing in printing business cards is investing in a type of marketing that never truly ends. Unlike a tv commercial which will only be in front of people for less than 30 seconds, this type of marketing sticks with the audience as they go about their day.


printer5.     They give legitimacy

If you are a very small company that has only just gotten started, printing business cards can be one of the best first steps you take in making your brand truly legitimate. When people are handed a official card with your name on it, it gives you greater authority.