Unfortunately, these types of issues are fairly common amongst the general population. Whilst there are definitely some disorders which are far more common than others, they still exist, and chances are there are staff members within your company who have their own struggles too. Going to work can be an arduous task for anyone struggling with these problems, and it is important to provide a safe space and environment for them. It is equally important to educate the masses on what these issues mean, and how we can help people who struggle with them. Mental health workshops are exactly what they sound like. They are courses designed for companies to help understand these disorders, as well as what kind of support can be extended to staff members who may be struggling in their lives. Mental health workshops are typically run by qualified and experienced trainers, who will be able to teach techniques to help create a safe working environment and support for staff members.

Still not convinced?

Here are 3 real company benefits of mental health workshops.

Reduction In Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is something that you want to keep low. However, due to issues in their personal lives, many staff may feel that they need to leave the workplace in order to work on themselves. Some may even feel like the workplace is not supportive and/or safe for them. With mental health workshops, you are showing that you are creating a safe space, and are helping the other staff members to be supportive. In doing so, these staff members affected by these issues will have less of a reason to leave, and will feel supported by their workplace. Consequently, staff turnover rates are sure to decrease with mental health workshops

Increase In Work Performance And Productivity

Work performance and productivity are two aspects that any company looks to increase at any chance they get. With mental health workshops, you can help to increase both of these aspects. This is likely due to many staff affected by these issues would not perform as well. With mental health workshops, you are able to help support these staff members. If they feel that they are in a safe space, they are more likely to perform better and without inhibition, as well as being more productive. For any company, this is a good thing. As such, mental health workshops are a great idea for anyone looking to increase work performance and productivity.

Lowered Staff Absenteeism

Staff absenteeism can be costly for any business, as you will have to pay out sick leave. Those staff members with personal struggles may often take more paid leave than others in order to work on their issues. By introducing mental health workshops, as mentioned before, you are introducing a safe space environment. This can help to make staff more comfortable to come to work regularly, and thereby lower staff absenteeism. If staff members see other employees become more educated on these issues and catering to them, they may feel more inclined to come to work often and not feel so afraid. As such, staff absenteeism will decrease.

Overall, mental health workshops are a great choice for any business looking to help support their staff members. Mental health workshops help a company to receive a number of benefits including reduced staff turnover rates, an increase in work performance and productivity and lowered staff absenteeism. As such, it is a great choice to introduce these programs into company life, to help support staff members who may be struggling, and to help create a safe space for them.